Workers welfare and productivity improvement a

The contingency approach to management is built on individual differences in relation to good welfare packages for staff at all level in the organization. They are capable of attracting and holding employees, assisting employees in meeting their needs, better helping in lowering unit cost of production, improving morale, increasing employee security and blunting the sharp edges of managerial autocracy.

Your input is greater than, that of his own and your out put is less that of his own.

Process improvements may include organizational structures e. When multiple inputs are considered, the measure is called multi-factor productivity or MFP. If you believe that his salary is you perceive as inequitable. Human labour should be enhanced through the provision of welfare schemes to motivate them for improved performance.

People are the firm's most important resource and understanding people,how they behave,and why are they a significant part of the manager's job. According to Mayedeo and Markakproductivity may be defined as the ratio between the production of a given commodity measured by volume and one more of the corresponding input factor measured by volume.

People, then are critically important strategic resources. This is particularly true in the allocation of official vehicles to academic and non-academic staff. This includes business organisations providing services, trade and public services.

These challenges often force industrial workers to feel concerned about some important working conditions such as the pay, the physical environment, safety, participation in decision making, career development [progression, heath etc.

Workers also tended to stay longer at the factories which suggest they were happier with their conditions. Having an effective or knowledgeable supervisor for example a supervisor who uses the Management by objectives method has an easier time motivating their employees to produce more in quantity and quality.

Workers’ Welfare and Productivity Improvement

Opportunities are provided for citizen to secure adequate mean of livelihood and suitable employment and d There are adequate medical and health facilities for all persons. Fixed price values of the real process depict commensurate volumes of the outputs and inputs.

Workers' Welfare and Productivity Improvement: a Comparative Analysis

The dichotomy between academic and non-academic staff in our Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education over welfare programmes has led to industrial actions in the past. Direct citing if referenced properly Thank you so much for your respect to the authors copyright.

Workers welfare and management ideologies will thereafter take the peak of the discursion, and conclusion would be drawn based on the issues raised in the paper. Thus, Olokoin a study carried out among workers in Muddy Water Company in Nigeria, using rank order correlation, finds out that welfare benefits such as pension scheme, payment of salaries and wages and welfare services like health facilities, working conditions, vacation and holiday practices motivate workers to exert effort to achieve higher productivity.

The welfare aspect of the quality of work life plays a very significant role in increasing the productivityof manpower in the organization. This ignorance covers many components, some wanted like the effects of technical and organizational innovationothers unwanted measurement error, omitted variables, aggregation bias, model misspecification HultenIndustrialisation in an Open Economy — Nigeria: It is in line with this the Ekpiken and Yesufu describe welfare programme as including the provision of well ventilated offices, drinking water, end-of-year parties, rest rooms, toilet, and first aid facilities by the management to the employees.

The ratio of output of the factor is the measure of productivity in relation to the particular factor of production.

Better employee welfare key to improving garment industry

Wikipedia averres that, before the Industrial Revolution in Europe, workers were treated like underdogs.Public Infrastructure Investments, Productivity and Welfare in Fixed Geographic Areas Andrew F.

Haughwout Federal Reserve Bank of New York [email protected] Looked at another way, though, poor worker engagement is an opportunity for companies to boost their productivity by investing in employees’ welfare and workplace happiness.

ROLE OF LABOUR IN PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT AND WORKERS' WELFARE dominicgaudious.netka Opafola. Abstract The principles of leadership development and trade unionism are universal.

as productivity efficiency of the workers and induces in them a new spirit of self-realisation and consciousness. Welfare activities can go a long way in keeping the workers contented. How does welfare relate to productivity?

By Daniel Tan.


June 22nd, When MFP particularly depends as much on technological advancements which are impossible just by pushing unskilled workers into the workforce without improving education, I eagerly wait to see how a government so reluctant to invest in its own human capital hopes to.

Better employee welfare key to improving garment industry Garment businesses and stakeholders have identified opportunities to exploit synergies between different initiatives and improve labour welfare to enhance productivity in garment factories.

Workers welfare and productivity improvement a
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