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Here is your essay on the Plant kingdom

The Horsetails and the Conifers have leaves that are modified as needles or scales. The fossilized remains of conifer and angiosperm roots, stems and branches may be locally abundant in lake and inshore sedimentary rocks from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras.

Unlike the non vascular plants these guys can grow faster and buffer. In contrast, Liverworts are different from Horsetails because of the shape and form of their leaves, and Liverworts only have gametophyte unlike Liverworts which have both gametophyte and sporophyte. They do have roots and leaves.

Its stems are ribbed and jointed and have soft needlelike leaves which are found at the joints. The leaf is usually the primary site of photosynthesis in plants. Petrified wood is common in some parts of the world, and is most frequently found in arid or desert areas where it is more readily exposed by erosion.

These plants lack chlorophyll.

The 6 Kingdoms of Life: The Plant Kingdom

One of the interesting thing that I found out was that the Horsetails plant can survive and even flourish in soils severely contaminated by chemical pollutants. The Angiosperms are the most diverse group; they include all the plants that produce flowers and fruits so they have overspecies.

The conifers have species. This group also has petal, a sepal, a pistil which includes a stigma, style, an a ovary. Seed may be defined as a ripened ovule. Plants are distinguished from green algae, which represent a mode of photosynthetic life similar to the kind modern plants are believed to have evolved from, by having specialized reproductive organs protected by non-reproductive tissues.

This takes place only in those of class Dicotyledoneae. They eat insects, frogs, rats etc. They can be separated by their characteristics. Confers species are approximately and they comprise of the pines, spruces, cedars, junipers, yew and firs. Horsetails are independent gametophyte, and conifers have tiny gametophyte.

The third is called the palmate. There is also other plant like the pines, cypress and redwood. The Horsetails and the Conifers have more in differences also. Sequoia and its allies, magnoliaoakand palms are often found.

Plant Kingdom- Plantae, Cryptogams and Phanerogams

Unlike them, Liverworts are nonvascular plants. Drugs obtained from plants include opium, cocaine and marijuana. Summary of Lesson Today, I will open the lesson by watching a video and analyzing the plant kingdom.

The leaves are jointed at the stems, and they also have roots. This is good because like I said above, the conifers can reproduce sexually or asexually. The liverworts and horsetail are kind of in the non-vascular side.

It produces flowers and fruits. Although it is a pretty big jump to go from learning about decomposers to learning about plants, we will continue to reflect upon the role of decomposers throughout the rest of the unit.The Kingdom of Norway Essay.

The Kingdom Of Norway By: Paige Sovey Professor Whitaker November 30, Introduction Norway’s official name is “The Kingdom of Norway” and it is located in Northern Europe on the western and northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The Plant Kingdom Essay Sample

The plant kingdom is a vast group; therefore, the kingdom is further classified into subgroups. Level of classification is based on the following three criteria: Plant body:.

Here is your essay on the Plant kingdom Plants vary in size and form. in their size they vary from structurally simple, microscopic organisms to plants which are several metres long. The Californian. 1.

What are the main cellular features of organisms of the plant kingdom? Typical plant cells are eukaryotic (they have a nucleus), autotrophic (they produce their own food) and photosynthetic (they use light to make food).

Plant cells also have chloroplasts and a cell wall (a structure exterior to the plasma membrane) made of cellulose. 23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Plant Kingdom. Sure, they've been around for about million years at this point, but there's still plenty to learn about our little leafy friends.

Here is your essay on the Plant kingdom. Plants vary in size and form. in their size they vary from structurally simple, microscopic organisms to plants which are several metres long. The Californian Redwood attains a height of over metres, diameters, diameter of .

The plant kingdom essay
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