The condemnation of blackness

Works Cited The Color of Courage. You are not currently authenticated. Such crime data was weaponized in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century to confirm the already existing racist rhetoric of black inferiority and, more importantly, black criminality.

January 1, Katie Fuller An excellent book that looks at early sociological studies of race and criminality. The mismeasure of crime Saving the nation: To foster this point, in many cases, blacks were given harsher punishments or longer Jail sentences for crimes that were far less severe than those of White American counterparts.

This is obviously an important book for the study of race through any lens, but as a historian I liked that KGM let the story speak for itself in political terms.

Khalil Gibran Muhammad - The Condemnation of Blackness

Probably the most profound point of this book is that white Progressives responded to white ethnic criminality with compassion and social programs because they saw their crimes as a product of circumstance rather than innate defects.

This book is an instant classic and has earned its place along side the classics of African American Studies like the Mis-Education somehow, my original review of this book vanished. If you want to engage and challenge the "intelligent" pundits, do not hesitate in purchasing this thorough volume.

The fifth chapter once again begins with Philadelphia, this time focusing on its process of fighting crime. Excessive arrest rates and overrepresentation in northern prisons were seen by many whites - liberals and conservatives, northerners and southerners - as indisputable proof of blacks' inferiority.

Negroes had Just been recently legally allowed to attempt to acquire land, which was then all but impossible in any neighborhood where Whites resided. Muhammad is a real historian's historian, and that might put some general readers off because his arguments are subtle, accurate, and comprehensive.

He's the author of a book on some of the first data ever collected about African-Americans and crime.

It really illuminates the players in the drama of creating the idea of the black criminal. This social norm of the time, was widely accepted, and only supported the superior attitude of White America. The at times dense nature of his writing does however lends a thoroughness and sharp eye to a history of the US that I have often found glossed over in my own education so far.

What else but pathology could explain black failure in the land of opportunity?

The Condemnation of Blackness Quotes

Many of the discussions have focused on the inner cities of America although the situation is not totally restricted there. Walker had found that the overall African American population had declined six percent in the previous ten years, and an overall eight percent in the previous twenty years.

The Condemnation of Blackness

As KGM focuses in on the early s in Philadelphia his depictions of white denizens, police forces, and government officials creates a strong parallel with current anti-black culture.

It is a work of incredible scholarship and very relevant today. January 1, Very insightful examination.

Condemnation of Blackness: Khalil Gibran Muhammad Study Group

The Condemnation of Blackness: Civil rights activism of the s and s, which focused on police misconduct, corruption, and brutality, called into question the legitimacy of crime statistics and made way for explanations of black criminality as rooted in class structures and social conditions.

A German immigrant to the U. January 1, Mark Middleton A well written, researched and documented book on its subject matter. But black and white criminality were treated differently.Khalil Gibran Muhammad's study, The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America is not only timely but also groundbreaking historiographically.

Muhammad traces the civil discourse on the linkage of race and crime to the late 19 th and early twentieth centuries. Khalil Gibran Muhammad will discuss his book The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America.

He is the director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture of the New York Public Library. Aug 03,  · Chronicling the emergence of deeply embedded notions of black people as a dangerous race of criminals by explicit contrast to working-class whites and European immigrants, "The Condemnation of.

Book: In Place of Slavery, Crime Statistics Were Used to Condemn African-Americans

Nov 10,  · "The Condemnation of Blackness" - Khalil Gibran Muhammad Book Talk, May 6 - Duration: The Root Cause Of Your Problem Is Condemnation - 06 Jan - Classic Sermon -. Professor Antoine, for all his cynical condemnation of whites, plays a role in propagating racism.

Since he has white blood, he feels superior to black people, and he stayed in the South because he enjoyed this feeling of superiority. The Condemnation of Blackness The Roots and Deceived Perception of Racism in the History of America America is a nation “from many, one” as stated in our countrys original motto.

We pride ourselves on the granted equal opportunity and freedom afforded to each citizen.

The condemnation of blackness
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