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It is a living and luminous current that pervades the bodymind and its roots are explored throughout this meticuluosly documented book. Superiority is gained in particular by those whose physical characteristics are inclined to the image of the creator.

Human beings are of the form that can engage in combined self murder with motives unacceptable in the society. We should always feel important on what we are and what we can do, she says.

Akbar in the story tells of more about the cruel and darker world of his time that disliked, exploited and hated people o darker skin.

Breaking the Chains of Psychological by Na'im Akbar - Essay Example

Ashanti develops a major new theory from "cutting edge" Africentric research, to explain the historical and scientific process of mass brainwashing of Africans in the United States and the diaspora, and its psychological, educational, economical, cultural, and spiritual impact.

He continuously explores the influence of Caucasian images for worship on the psychology of African- Americans. Ashanti presents, explains, and trains the reader to reverse the negative brainwashing. This not only gestures at the authority, status and power of dictatorship but also accuses the present society where crafty people exploit the innocence of the docile and submissive ones.

I agree with the author here as I feel that it was from them that they too learned to be vile and vindictive. Hence the writer in his storyline takes the reader on a ride to the past, into a darker and crueler world of his time that disliked, loathed and exploited the men and women with darker skins.

Expressing what is familiar to them, it was most likely that black images were excluded from the European expression of the biblical events. Wilson "[Exposes] the role Eurocentric history-writing plays in rationalizing European oppression of Afrikan peoples and in the falsification of Afrikan consciousness The issues he addressed in his book resulted in a slave jealous towards their masters that more often than not resulted in vandalism and much hatred towards their masters.

This is the result of the lack of the research in the field of social and psychological peculiarities of black people and psychological origin of slavery as a phenomenon that is discussed by the author in the third part of the book.

The author, a clinical psychologist, explains how families share a field of consciousness. And that is "the idea that one-by-one demeanour can be leveraged by collective components which are furthermore historic remote.

African American boys are hosts upon which system-maintaining parasites feed. And in doing so, he maintains a supreme calmness in his pace that is garnished with humor and adventure. WILSON If you have been looking for a single source which deals with these and related controversial questions from a black perspective, then this book may be the book for you.

The book reveals the need to liberalize, rationalize the social and political traditions. I am mesmerized by the reality that the author brings to light. We need to restore our communities and to understand and develop our communities of self. The author states in it: The author believes that people can only reach their potential levels as far as the mind lets them.

It is merely not replacing the Caucasian symbols with black images. However, their innocence and ignorance made them suffer from prejudice.Akbar’s book, Breaking the chains of psychological slavery, tells his desire to revolutionize social, political traditions.

Akbar persuades the reader through a prejudiced vision of his existence, inducing in the reader compassion distress and negative depiction of the white. Essays & Papers The Life and History of Naim Frasheri Essay The Life and History of Naim Frasheri Essay Naim Frasheri (25 May – 20 October ) was an ethnic Albanian romantic poet and, together with his brothers Sami and Abdyl, a prominent figure of the National Renaissance of Albania (Rilindja Kombetare).

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This revised and expanded version of The Community of Self is one of Akbar's six books which address the issue of a holistic human psychology and increased understanding of the unique psychological functioning of African-Americans in particular. Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery Na'Im Akbar; Dr.

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Akbar develops two ideas in these essays. They are (1) the impact of slavery and (2) the influence of Caucasian images for worship on the psychology of African-Americans.

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Papers essays naim akbar breaking the chains of psychological slavery
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