Extensible business reporting language meaning dictionary

A rate that applies to any size shipment tendered to a carrier; no discount rate is available for large shipments. In Income Statements, Gross profit is the difference between the other two.

It has held us back for nearly 25 years already; I hope we will find something better to take its place soon. A process to develop tactical plans to support the organization's business plan.

They're just two other obvious solutions. All labels are stored and linked to the elements in a label linkbase. As networked embedded systems are becoming more ubiquitous, their security is becoming critical to our daily life. XBRL allows the creation of different labels depending on the context in which an element will be used.

All examples are fictional and the information exchanged e. In this paper, we build on these previous works, aiming to understand why the effects are not more significant.

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NDSS 2018 Programme

Devices and apps may be chained together in long sequences of triggeraction rules to the point that from an observable symptom e. It usually has an anticipated duration, anticipated cost, and expected resource requirements.

It contains definitions of basic validation rules, which apply to all instance documents referring to a particular taxonomy. But another group wanted to use a far more powerful model: With large and complex financial statements, a single iXBRL file may be too large for a web browser to handle.

ADL Archetype Structure 2. Term used when the transportation is completely by water. All that said, I do want to call out an important nuance regarding this book, one that is often missed by beginner programmers: The Zulu Kingdom used runners to quickly disseminate news.

I've been using word processors and text editors for nearly 30 years. A federal fund that collects passenger ticket taxes and disburses those funds for airport facilities.

Archetype Definition Language 2 (ADL2) Specification

Sending out TXT reminders and emails. For all these 4 carriers, we could find interesting yet predictable patterns after invoking GUTI reallocation multiple times within a short time period.

To state that meaning of these two is the same and that they can be used interchangeably, taxonomy creators may connect them using "essence-alias" arcrole. For the Holy Roman EmpireEmperor Maximillian I in authorized two brothers from the Italian Tasso family, Francesco and Janettto, to create a network of courier stations linked by riders.

At 33 kilometres per day, a runner would take two months to bring a message across the Hanseatic League from Bruges to Riga. If they are compromised, an attacker can misuse the OAuth tokens belonging to a large number of users to arbitrarily manipulate their devices and data.

As mentioned above, elements can be assigned to labels in different languages. A server is an entity whose primary responsibilities are to:This page contains the current lists of.

Internet Standards. Draft Standards [Note: This maturity level was retired by RFC "Any protocol or service that is currently at the abandoned Draft Standard maturity level will retain that classification, absent explicit actions."]. W3C XML Adjunct Specifications [CR: ] [Table of Contents] The W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) Specification is the principal document governing the XML standard.

Several other W3C specifications are also critical to the understanding and implementation of XML as it. eXtensible Business Reporting Language meaning: a computer language that allows companies to collect financial information and share it electronically with others who need it, for example over the internet.

Learn more. Glossary of ICT terminology. This Glossary of ICT terminology, compiled by Graham Davies and Fred Riley, contains a list of technical terminology and terms specific to ICT and language learning and dominicgaudious.net also serves as an index to topics covered at the ICT4LT website.

Anything underlined in blue will link you to further information, either within this Glossary, within the ICT4LT website. XBRL is an abbreviation for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. XBRL is a standardized computer language that businesses use to send information back and forth.

This language has an XML base and allows expressions of semantic meaning. The Best Way to Learn Python. The best way to learn python starts with deciding what you want to build.

Next you'll want to find a course or some resources to help guide you through developing your idea.

Extensible business reporting language meaning dictionary
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