Dividing fractions lesson plan

Encourage students to be creative with their word problems!

Fraction by Fraction Division

Explain to students that during this lesson they will learn to identify parts of a whole with two, three, or four equal parts. Now I only have one apple, but I still need to divide it evenly between two children.

If you have extra class-time, have your students complete a fractions worksheetand send them home with their lumps of playdough and your parent handout.

Then, remind the class that when we ask how many of something is in something else, that is a division situation e. Remind students that they must show their work! Like I said, if you don't have dice in dice, you can just have kids roll two dice twice. As an extension activity, the students will complete the interactive game, Cross The River.

They will check their number sentences to see if they make sense. I generally show my students four methods to solve this problem: Place the red modeling clay in separate zip close bags for each pair of students.

First Grade Fractions Lesson Plan: Now tell them they need to divide this rectangle into two halves. Playdough and Sharing Fair Objective Students will be able to partition circles, rectangles, and other masses into two and four equal shares. Ask students what key word was used in the word problem at the beginning of this lesson that indicated multiplication would be used?

Explain to the children that they need to take 1 slice of pizza, which is a quarter of the whole show the size. Once again, challenge the students to figure out a different way to divide the shape into 3 equal parts.

How would you write a mathematical sentence to represent the model you have drawn? Distribute pattern blocks for the students to manipulate. Then, they choose 5 blocks, creating a mixed number or whole number and a fraction and divide them.

Students should have an understanding of the following vocabulary: It might be helpful to have them continue working with their partner. I want to be able to monitor progress and address misconceptions directly. Then ask if they had eaten the entire freezer pop or split it in half.

The second day, we worked on some dividing fractions games. When trying to convert an improper fraction into a mixed fraction, wholes can be removed by subtracting the number in the denominator, from the numerator.

Explain that it is important to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions in real life.

Understanding Fractions

A ball of playdough can be divided into parts of any size and then put back together, and working on division with playdough also allows the student to explore the infinite possibilities of ways to divide up a mass into a given number of equal sets.

Remind students that all whole numbers can be represented as a fraction by putting a "1" in the denominator.

Fraction Stories

Anchor the first fraction. Subtraction of Mixed Numbers Exercise: Requirements and Student Instructions: For instance, a student comes and asks me why they got an answer wrong, and it's easy to say, "what step did you forget? Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators Exercise: Review each step of the worksheet with students when they are finished.

This site has recipes a whole family will enjoy. Once again students should be multiplying second denominator by first numerator, then dividing by product of first denominator and second numerator.

Students will answer questions using rectangular models. Then, I will use their performance to arrange groups for the following activity: Once students have chosen the corner that best represents their response to the statement, have students discuss for 1 minute why they chose that corner.

The teacher will also observe each group dividing the clay shape into half see assessment rubric, Identifying Fractions. What activities or exercises will the students complete with teacher guidance?

Math Games

I plan for this section of the lesson to take about 15 minutes. Independent working time 15 minutes Hand out lined paper to each student. Giving each student a small whiteboard and markers, work through each fraction by having students draw the shapes and color accordingly as the teacher explains.The Dividing Fractions chapter of this course is designed to help you plan and teach methods for dividing mixed numbers and complex fractions in your classroom.

Title of Lesson: Dividing Fractions by Fractions. Grade: 6 th Subject Area: Math. Anticipated Time Frame: 45 minutes Classroom organization: Students work in groups of 2 or 3.

Resources and materials: Index cards and a notebook piece of paper. Practical Applications of Fractions, Percents, and Decimals SIOP Lesson Plan This plan was created by Ivonne Govea as a part of the Two-Way SIOP (TWI SIOP) project conducted at CAL and was later adapted for SIOP by Sandra Gutierrez of CAL.

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Background Theme: Relating fractions, percents, and decimals as a part of a whole. Understanding Fractions. This is a lesson for 3rd grade math about the concept of a fraction. Students color parts to illustrate fractions, write fractions from visual models and from number lines, and learn to draw pie models for some common fractions.

DIVIDING FRACTIONS LESSON PLAN: How Many Quarters in One Dollar? Objectives: 1. The student will be able to find the reciprocal of a whole number and a fraction.


Fractions Activities for Differentiated Learning

Learning fractions can seem intimidating to an inexperienced child at first. dominicgaudious.net's fractions lesson plans will help children overcome their fear by helping them build confidence in the classroom.

With our lesson plans that offer themed, visual ways of deciphering fractions and fraction.

Dividing fractions lesson plan
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