Communicating with spirits through writing a letter

Let me know how it goes! Sit down with the intention of writing about important issues or questions in your life or issues or questions of spirituality that you have an interest in.

The first rule of spirit communication is moderation. Remember from where you came, your home. It is a time when the mundane world and the psychic world are clearly one, as the usual illusion of division is lifted. You can use the cards to just say "Hi," or you can use them to obtain extensive and detailed information.

How Can I Communicate With My Spirit Guides?

For those of us who will probably never become psychic mediums ourselves, automatic writing is a tool we can use to communicate with spirits on our own.

In contrast, raising the dead in an attempt to gain power, control the spirit, or impress and intimidate is inadvisable unless you're up for attracting the very worst karma. For those of us who will probably never become psychic mediums ourselves, automatic writing is a tool we can use to communicate with spirits on our own.

Spirit communication is a way to stay in touch with lost loved ones, and October 31st is an optimal night for such magic. As William James stated: Then start writing, on paper or at a keyboard. With practice and consistency, you will gain the wisdom of the spirit-world at your fingertips. Candles will flicker and the air might grow a shade colder.

How To Communicate With Nature Spirits: With Tools

The same is true with your destinations in life. The traditional shape of a talking board is rectangular, but I find that a circular shape is most fortuitous, as the circle is protective and helps to shield against evil spirits.

Talking to the dead is a spooky business, and the practice can be dangerous if guidelines are not followed. When you feel yourself in a relaxed state, put your fingers to the keyboard if you like to type or pen to paper if you prefer this methodand simply write the very first words that come into your mind.

Still, if my automatic writing really is legit, and it is not just my own mind writing these things, than I have no doubt that it is Uncle Duck coming through.

Like your car, you must treat your body well in order to get the most mileage out of it. Attention is what we focus our thoughts, words, time and energy on. It is possible that rather than sensing a presence, you may just notice subtle changes in the characteristics of the style or mechanics of writing that indicate you are being influenced.A basic guide to communicating with nature spirits using tools like ouija and spirit boards, pendulums Over the years my writing online at and elsewhere has wrapped itself around abstract concepts and theoretical discussions, stories and anecdotes and personal experiences.

How To Communicate With Nature Spirits:. If You Don't Hear Or See Spirits, Try This Method.

Letters to Spirit Guides

By Bob Olson. After a year of studying psychics and psychic mediums, I heard about a spirit communication technique called “Automatic Writing.”This is a process of shutting your conscious mind off to allow your unconscious mind to take over your writing, allowing your spirit-guides to write (communicate) through you.

Ten Things To Avoid When Communicating With Spirits Everyone is curious about talking to spirits. While I think spirit communication is a good thing, I also think contact must be made with a great deal of respect, and while following a specific set of rules.

Connect with the other Side: Write a Letter to Spirit If you’re reading this blog, chances are you‘ve felt the presence of Spirit in your life. But there are times when that feeling isn’t enough – when you wish you could reach out to a particular person on the other side and ask them a question, resolve an unsettled issue, or share the.

“Communicate over” vs. “communicate through” We communicated with spirits through a shaman. I communicated with my estranged ex-wife through a lawyer. if the schema actually creates the link, it would be communicating through it. But all that is getting very technical.

Like I said, the difference is very small, you could use.


Communicating Through Candle Scrying Candle scrying is another way you can talk to the dead. This technique is similar to crystal gazing or using scrying mirrors, with the difference being that fire is a safer and more effective medium for contacting spirits.

Communicating with spirits through writing a letter
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