An analysis of methods of resolving the millennium bug in the computer industry

Between andthis Book already hosted on the website: Towards the development of a culture of democratic governance Since the inception of the PRC, significant change has been effected in terms of representivity, policy formulation, and institutional re-engineering at national and provincial levels of government.

It provides perfectly serviceable background information — complete with scenarios of exploding chemical factories and stock market meltdowns — and then leaps directly into a theoretical discussion on the nature of time, and cryptic discussions of algorithms and gosub routines.

What About Embedded Chips? This statement is completely false. This is a business book designed for large organizations. To a considerable extent, therefore, the essential ingredients of good governance are still missing, including the development of an effective culture of democratic governance.

If I ask the computer how old I am, it subtracts my date of birth from the current date. Taylor had asked the government departments to draw up action plans to show how they will deal with the problem internally and to assess how much of a problem there might be for any industrial sectors they sponsor.

Providing such a sample was sufficiently comprehensive and inclusive, and backed-up by additional research, focus groups and written submissions, the Commission felt that the significance and integrity of its findings and recommendations would not be unduly compromised.

That this was a wonderful time to be alive. The realisation that databases were a new type of program with different characteristics had not yet come. However, this method was costly, requiring massive testing and conversion efforts, and usually affecting entire systems.

However, given the large size of the public service 2 and the short timescale for the completion of its work, the Commission decided to confine its investigations to the public service as defined in the Public Service Act, and therefore to exclude both local government and public enterprises.

Until the s, many computer programs especially those written in the early days of computers were designed to abbreviate four-digit years as two digits in order to save memory space. Suddenly a wall-sized projection screen displayed the image of a man that looked very much like Bill Gates.

In addition, enterprises will learn much more about their future software needs and the costs of both building and maintaining software than they know today. Resulting bugs from date programming[ edit ] Webpage screenshots showing the JavaScript.

More than a third of the book is devoted to listing Year resources like consulting firms specializing in the problem, and the rest of it is a boss-friendly, non-techie handholding guide to the issue.

Many programs using functions from C, such as Perl and Javatwo programming languages widely used in web development, incorrectly treated this value as the last two digits of the year. This results in a difficulty in spotting the calendar functions.

This was considered the "purest" solution, resulting in unambiguous dates that are permanent and easy to maintain. The bad news is there is a god. Frightened computer users drained computer store shelves of antivirus software, and when every last bit of antivirus software had been purchased, customers flocked to the stores to get books about viruses.

George Publications, Sring Valley, NY, although written inmost of the information in this book is timeless. The year problem may lead to lawsuits against corporate executives for violation of fiduciary duty, and against software executives for professional malpractice.

Unfortunately, the year is the last year in which "average" programmers working without sophisticated automation could have had a reasonable chance of finding and fixing the year problem in a typical mid-sized corporate portfolio offunction points the areas where calculations are carried out in size.

Windows Mobile is the first software reported to have been affected by this glitch; in some cases WM6 changes the date of any incoming SMS message sent after 1 January from the year "" to "".


Logistics systems and various command and control systems will also be affected. In view of the importance of local government in respect of the local delivery of services, and its relationship to the other tiers of government, the Commission nevertheless recommends that a separate inquiry be undertaken into this area by an independent Commission appointed for this purpose.

Year by year these two-digit fields have been accumulating in software packages all over the world. Expected problems that were not seen by small businesses and small organisations were in fact prevented by Y2K fixes embedded in routine updates to operating system and utility software that were applied several years before 31 December Together such measures, if effectively implemented, should help to ensure the development of a new and effective culture of democratic governance in South Africa.

Any software package that uses dates or has calendar routines as embedded functions is likely to be affected by the year problem.

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Some programs were not active at that moment and problems would only show up when they were invoked. In some ways, the "year software problem" resembles the slow accumulation of arsenic.

The year problem may be advantageous for countries such as India and the Ukraine which have a large surplus of software talent that could be applied to either fixing the year problem or to outsourcing other kinds of work while the UK software personnel are mired down in year repairs.

An analysis of methods of resolving the millennium bug in the computer industry

The function point count of a software application is based on enumerating five external attributes of the application: Someone who was obviously a spokesperson for the group stepped forward. Also, many card-based systems were transferred to tape or disk.An Analysis of Methods of Resolving the Millennium Bug in the Computer Industry PAGES 2.

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An analysis of methods of resolving the millennium bug in the computer industry
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