A comparison of the spartans and athenians in society

He is said to have met Apollonius in Athens, but considering that his philosophical views were opposed to those of Apollonius, the account of the intimacy is probably untrue. It was the Messenian factor above all that determined the peculiar development of Sparta, because it forced Spartans to adjust their institutions to deal with a permanently hostile subject population.

Such are the fictions of Philostratus concerning Apollonius. All were naked, women as well as men, except for a short apron of skin round their loins.


This is not strictly provable but is plausible because the political and military life of Athens and Attica was at all times seen in religious terms. Again, pillaging and desertion did occur, but not on the scale hoped for by the Athenians or feared by the Spartans: But here and elsewhere in Photius it seems to mean simply "arguments.

However, all sons of Spartan women are soldiers and men. Some person or persons evidently had second thoughts.

Historical Background to Greek Philosophy

In later times, such appeal to the people was regarded as particularly democratic. Other strange, more or less fabulous information is also given. The history covered the period from to The later Archaic periods The rise of the tyrants Dealings with opulent Asian civilizations were bound to produce disparities in wealth, and hence social conflicts, within the aristocracies of Greece.

It is generally clear, dignified, and free from redundancies, although he sometimes employs metaphors that are too bold, almost insipid. Those remarks should teach us to watch how the interests of many states are often involved in the collisions between a few; and how the effect of those collisions is not limited to a single age, but may give an impulse which will sway the fortunes of successive generations of mankind.

Another, more obviously pragmaticreason why Sparta attracted to itself allies in areas like Arcadia was surely fear of Argos. Yasna 11, Hom Yasht, 4, 7, 10, 13, It is odd, however, that the number two should have been so permanently entrenched. This would go back historically to the violent and uncertain Dark Age when Attica was being resettled and there was danger from cattle rustlers, pirates nowhere in Attica is far from the seaor just greedy neighbours.

In the latter case, they generally consult the parents. The heads of the indictment were: He also gives a slanderous account of the council of Chalcedon.Thales: All is Water, All is One (1st Milesian ~ BC) Greek philosophy seems to begin with a preposterous fancy, with the proposition that water is the origin and mother-womb of all things.

It was one of the rules which, above all others, made Doctor Franklin the most amiable of men in society, "never to contradict anybody." If he was urged to announce an opinion, he did it rather by asking questions, as if for information, or by suggesting doubts.

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Historical Background to Greek Philosophy

The later Archaic periods The rise of the tyrants. Dealings with opulent Asian civilizations were bound to produce disparities in wealth, and hence social conflicts, within the aristocracies of dominicgaudious.net function of institutions such as guest-friendship was no doubt to ensure the maintenance of the charmed circle of social and economic privilege.

Had the Athenians followed Aristotle's counsel -- counsel blind both to economics and to evolution -- their city would rapidly have shrunk into a village, for his view of human ordering led him to an ethics appropriate to, if anywhere at all, a stationary state.

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A comparison of the spartans and athenians in society
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